Pastoral Care

Pastoral care underpins all aspects of life at the Suthers School.

In line with our commitment to our TORCH values, we recognise the importance of character education in developing happy, confident young people who are able to go on to achieve both academically and socially.

Our experienced pastoral team work incredibly hard to ensure that there is a relentless focus on promoting physical, emotional and moral wellbeing in all of our students.

Support, Care & Guidance

Tutors serve as the first point of contact between school and home and play an instrumental role in helping your child develop the skills and character strengths needed to thrive within and beyond school. They play an active role in ensuring that students are happy, well supported and fully engaged in school life. In addition to this, Pastoral leaders work hard to ensure that all students are able to access support and advice when required.

We take great pride in the culture of care and mutual support we have developed and as your child progresses through The Suthers School, their attainment and well-being will be closely monitored, ensuring that students are recognised and rewarded when they succeed and supported when things are more difficult. This pastoral system provides your child with the support, guidance and care they need whilst allowing them to nurture friendships and develop a strong sense of community.