The Suthers School is dedicated to ensuring that all students are encouraged and supported so that they are able to fulfil their academic potential.

Students are able to make progress in a settled, purposeful and safe learning environment where the focus is on high quality learning without interruption. There is a commitment to ensuring that all students are able to secure the best possible set of academic outcomes.

Frequent assessment and discussion of student progress enable us to tailor our lessons to meet the needs of every individual. In order to ensure that every student makes exceptional progress we provide personalised advice and guidance so that students are able to set and achieve the most challenging targets.

Lessons are structured to ensure all students make excellent progress. Expert led learning provides challenging and engaging experiences for all students.

Achievement is underpinned by a desire and commitment to succeed from all members of our school community. Our students are eager to learn and are committed to achieving aspirational academic success.

We work in close partnership with parents/carers and have a range of support services that ensure that every student has the opportunity to experience success. Should a student require additional support, a range of services are available to ensure every student's success, whatever their individual educational needs.