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Our curriculum is designed to empower all our young people to be compassionate, self-respecting, independent thinkers with the academic, social and character strengths necessary to thrive in modern society. We know that knowledge is power and that education has the power to transform. That is why we are uncompromising in our delivery of a broad-ranging curriculum at Key Stage 3 which not only lays the essential foundations for rigorous academic study but also excites the passions and enthusiasms of our students. We aim to provide an ambitious, research-informed curriculum which:

  • Seeks to foster a love of learning
  • Encompasses and goes far beyond the demands of the National Curriculum
  • Provides pupils with the knowledge and cultural capital to succeed
  • Equips pupils with the character strengths to support academic achievement and long-term health and well-being
  • Enables pupils to develop the scholarly traits that will support them in acquiring powerful, transferable knowledge
  • Places emphasis on and succeeds in developing oracy skills for all pupils
  • Guarantees access to an ambitious and carefully crafted curriculum for all pupils, no matter what their starting point

Curriculum Design

In Years 7–9, students study a three year programme that addresses and goes far beyond the National Curriculum. We operate an extended school day which guarantees a truly rounded education for all; pupils at The Suthers School know that there are no shortcuts to success and this is reinforced by the fact that they commit to extra time in school. This means that we are able to offer weekly Supervised Study sessions, our very own Leadership Academy and an extended curriculum which currently includes advanced Mathematics and Advanced Literature and Composition. All this sits alongside a broad-ranging enrichment programme founded upon six pillars of personal development which grants all pupils the chance to compete in national competitions, gain recognised qualifications and pursue their passions.

Curriculum Model

All pupils in Years 7–9 study a core curriculum (as detailed below). The number of hours allocated to subjects is shown below each subject heading and is in addition to the time provided for enrichment and Supervised Study each week.

English 4 lessons per week
Maths 4 lessons per week
Science 4 lessons per week
History 2 lessons per week
Geography 2 lessons per week
RE/Personal Development/Civics 3 lessons per week
French 4 lessons per week
Drama/Music 2 lessons per week
Art, Design and Technology 3 lessons per week
PE 2 lessons per week
Supervised Study 2 lessons per week
Enrichment/Co-Curricular 2 lessons per week
TOTAL 34 lessons per week

January 2021


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