Students will build on the knowledge taught through Key Stage 2 primary school curriculums as they embark on their journey through the Key Stage 3 curriculum here at The Suthers School. We sequence ambitious and enriching knowledge within all subject curriculum areas, so students know and remember more about each topic or concept they are studying. Students will be provided with opportunities across all subjects, to speak, read and write like an expert allowing them to build confidence and effectively utilise subject specific vocabulary within their understanding.

In Years 7–9, students study a three-year programme that addresses and goes far beyond the National Curriculum. The Suthers School operates inclusive mixed ability groupings which ensures all students receive the same ambitious and enriching knowledge. Our ‘teach to the top’ strategy allows all students to access the curriculum through carefully planned and scaffolded lessons, modelling and shaping responses verbally through our SHAPE oracy strategy.

At Key Stage 4 (Years 10 and 11), we endeavour for all learners to study the English Baccalaureate: core subjects of English, Mathematics, Science, a Modern Foreign Language, and a Humanities subject. However, where this isn’t possible and further support and intervention is required, we will provide additional lessons in Core subjects for all students to achieve their potential.

A wide range of option subjects including business, drama, art, technology and sports will supplement the core curriculum and sit alongside the broad range of enrichment options available owing to our extended school day.

From 2024, The Suthers School will deliver educational provision at Key Stage 5 that is in keeping with academic tradition and provides access to a broad range of facilitating subjects so that our students have access to the very best higher education opportunities and are empowered to be able to make positive choices about their future pathways.