IMPORTANT NOTICE: The school is currently only open to vulnerable children and children of critical workers

Welcome to Year 8

The Suthers School currently has two form groups in Year 8:

  1. 8VC Mrs Cunniffe
  2. 8JU Mr Ubhi

We pride ourselves in a real sense of community, respect and understanding for each other and aim to work hard and be kind all of the time. We endeavour to ensure that students work together and help each other to achieve their full potential academically, morally and socially. That’s why we are developing a house system which will soon be supported by an online rewards programme. We are the first school in the Trust to implement this system and we are really excited about the opportunities it will provide our students.

The Form Tutor

The Form Tutor has a vital role at The Suthers School; they are responsible for supporting the pupils in their care in all aspects of school life - academic, social and personal. The Form Tutor, alongside the School Manager, Head of School and subject staff, work to monitor academic progress using data circulated on a regular basis. The Form Tutor will work closely with your child to make sure they are ready to learn every day and that they are supported in developing the character strengths and an approach to learning that will equip them for success. Details of our Approach to Learning criteria can be found in our Parent Handbook.

We follow a weekly schedule for Form Time activities which provides students with an orderly and structured start to their day as well as access to a range of opportunities to develop their skills as learners, including: Numeracy Ninjas, Word of the Week and a weekly current affairs quiz. As part of the weekly schedule, your child will also be supported in the following areas: attendance, target setting, independent study and organisation skills. They will also meet with their Form Tutor after every Progress Check to review their performance and key areas for development.

Our Weekly Tutor Programme for 2018-19 is:

* Mon: Word of the Week

* Tues: Planner check / Independent Study

* Weds: Independent Study / Academic Mentoring

* Thurs: Numeracy Ninjas

* Fri: Current Affairs

Upcoming Events

  • 3/2/21 PC2 Report Yr 7/8/Chidren's mental health week (3-9th)
  • 12/2/21 End of term 3
  • 13/2/21 Half term
  • 14/2/21 Half term
  • 15/2/21 Half term
  • 16/2/21 Half term
  • 17/2/21 Half term
  • 18/2/21 Half term
  • 19/2/21 Half term
  • 20/2/21 Half term
  • 21/2/21 Half term
  • 22/2/21 Term 4 begins/Fairtrade Fortnight (22nd feb-7th mar
  • 10/3/21 PD Day 2 STEM (TBC)
  • 23/3/21 Year 8 Parent/Carer Evening
  • 26/3/21 End of term 4
  • 27/3/21 Easter Holidays
  • 28/3/21 Easter Holidays
  • 29/3/21 Easter Holidays
  • 30/3/21 Easter Holidays
  • 31/3/21 Easter Holidays
  • 1/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 2/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 3/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 4/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 5/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 6/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 7/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 8/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 9/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 10/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 11/4/21 Easter Holidays
  • 12/4/21 Term 5 begins

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January 2021


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